August 18, 2011

Fall Capsule Collection 2011

We have a new collection of accessories out now, The Capsule Collection! Check out the pictures and let me know if you want anything.

You can also buy online anytime using code: 0109 to get 10% off any order!


If you want to host a party and earn these items for free...let me know and we'll get it booked! But do it soon because these items are not going to last long.

(at parties there are these items and much more that are not even pictured or sold online!)

PLUS...when you host your party you, your friends and family get to see all of our clearance items as well!

Stay tuned for our entire Fall Collection coming soon!

***Contact me for possible dates for your party/openhouse!



Thesis $26.60

Object $26.60

Nadine $26.60

Girl Purple $20.60

Girl Brown $20.60

Dream $26.60



Blair $26.60

Gena $26.60

Katherine $20.60

Kelsey $26.60

Lola Navy $32.60

Lola Emerald $32.60

Necklaces $10.60 - $12.60

Key $10.60

Sue $12.60

Melinda $12.60

Laurel $10.60

Mirror $10.60

Bracelets $9.60

Abigail $9.60

Anya $9.60

Shawn $9.60

Leaves Gold $9.60

Leaves Silver $9.60

Earrings $8.60

Sienna $8.60

Shelby $8.60

Jeanie $8.60

Arabella $8.60

Whit $8.60

Rings $9.60

Bird $9.60

Coral $9.60

Nina $9.60

Hats $12.60

Kendra black $12.60

Kendra Purple $12.60

Kendra Gold $12.60

Plaid Grey $12.60

Plaid Black $12.60

Plaid Red $12.60

Purple $12.60

Scarves $12.60

Tay $12.60

(black or grey)

Lynn $12.60

(cream, grey or black)

Laney $12.60

(grey, black, cream or teal)

August 10, 2011


Book a party for the months of August or September & get a free pair of shoes!
(the shoe styles are pre-selected, but more than 40 different styles to choose from!)

You can do a home party or an online party!
Book yours now! Our Capsule Collection should be out next week
and another Collection will be available in September!

Contact me to book or for more details!